Get involved: The Arts

The most obvious takeaway from the election, for me? Disparity.

Political disparity. Perspective disparity. Moral, ethical, value based disparity. Disparity from family, friends, and strangers alike. 

It's not an easily pill to swallow. When our differences seem larger than our similarities, humanity shifts. I don't want to take part in the shift. I want to take part in the bridge. 

And bridging the disparate gap can start with knowing our communities. Getting involved on micro and macro levels. 

So, I'll write about the ways I'm doing that here. 

Step 1: political advocacy for things that matter to me

The arts are important to me. I renewed my membership to the Arts Action Fund (through Americans For The Arts). It's free, it's so easy, and they don't bombard you with e-mails (unless shit is hitting the legislative fan, in which case, all hands on deck). 

Become a member here