The more I think it over, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.-Vincent van Gogh

I have always taken interest in a wide variety of activities, studies, and pursuits.  Titles and boxes seem worthless in describing it all.  Creative?  yes.  Artist?  Maybe sometimes.  Constant thinker, action-oriented sensitive observer.

A passionate participator and leader.  Team engager.

A few years ago, after I quit my job teaching music in public schools, I set a goal for myself to be a selfless artist.  To serve my art (music) and to serve the people around me.  Teaching music moves me.  It is my ultimate art.  For years, my stories were told in front of my music classroom.  I formed incredible relationships and very fond memories from all my years of teaching, in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Tennessee.  Celebrating the obstacles in all the situations make for some epic tales, including a very eventful band trip to New York.


Currently a music educator and educational/outreach program consultant living in Nashville, TN, I hold a degree in music education from my native state's school, the University of Kansas.  I'm currently pursuing a masters degree in education at Belmont University in nonprofit leadership. My love for good nonprofit work began during my work as program manager at W.O. Smith Music School

Now I spend my time learning and developing through community based music education.  My greatest passion is cultivating quality arts educators, and helping to engage students through music lessons, creative projects, and performance.

I cook, garden, craft, and make a home with my bass-slingin husband and our weirdo dog in East Nashville.  I like it when music and art gets a little freaky, and enjoy participating in my wildly talented friends' creative projects.